Sales Order #37233, Tech: Marlin Zimmerman. Work performed included installation of a stainless steel chimney cap, power washing the stained brick facing on chimney and the area adjacent to chimney to remove stains. The stains resulted from previous use of a coal-fired insert. Order included application of sealant subsequent to power wash, I am totally satisfied with the quality of materials used, the installation and the power-wash/ sealing process. The chimney cap looks great and the white brick on my home is restored to its original brightness. Mr. Zimmerman kept me informed on procedures and progress and offered several options I was able to select. Workmanship was excellent. Mr. Zimmerman allowed me to look in to his service vehicle. It was quite a nice set-up with a full array of hand and power tools. It really was a complete mobile workshop. Thank you for service, quality parts and excellent workmanship. I would be pleased to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors. Thank You!

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